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If you are looking for the best professional hair lighteners then there is something for you between Wella Powder Lightener and L'Oreal Quick Blue.

Most people who go the DIY route don't want the run-of-the-mill hair color found at drugstores or beauty stores.


You want professional-quality coloring. As a result, many are considering these great products that are known to work wonders for your hair.

Both Wella and L'Oreal have been in the game for a while. Their whitening powders have been used by dozens of people, many of whom have nothing but good things to say about the product.

Because of this:

In this article, I look at what makes products thicker and how they build up. Ultimately, you want a product that matches your hair color.

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Let's go ahead and take a look.

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Wella Powder Lightener vs. Quick Blue: A quick comparison

The main difference between the two products is that Wella bleaching powder is more expensive than L'Oreal's Quick Blue.

That means you're likely to spend more if you choose Wella Blondor. Also, you may need to apply L'Oreal Quick Blue to coconut oil while Wella Blondor doesn't.

Wella Powder Lightener vs. Quick Blue reviews

L'Oreal Quick Blue Puderbleiche

Wella Powder Lightener vs. Quick Blue: which is better for discoloration? (1)

Wella Powder Lightener vs. Quick Blue: which is better for discoloration? (2)There are a few variations of this product on the market. One thing I like about the product is that it comes in different sizes. Depending on your budget, you should be able to pick a good one.

Here I will be looking at the 16 ounce size of the formula. It is available from Amazon and several other small retailers. So it's easy to get one when you need it.

This developer can lighten 7 shades, giving you a medium blonde. But you can go further down if you are looking for black or light brown hair color.

Also, you can achieve various effects in one app, including highlights, lowlights or platinum blonde.

Reviews for the product are great and here are some of the things to consider when purchasing:


Wella Powder Lightener vs. Quick Blue: which is better for discoloration? (3)

Wella Powder Lightener vs. Quick Blue: which is better for discoloration? (4)The formula is very thick, which is good for consistency. Plus, it makes it easy to apply, especially when you're trying to achieve a subtle effect like ombre.

It's also creamy, which means it's stable throughout its application and processing. Finally, you don't have to remix if you're subscribed. So it saves time to get to the results.

The formula is dust and drip free, making it an ideal application technique on and off the scalp.

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Can be used with coconut oil

One of the safest ways to bleach your hair is to use a developer over coconut oil. This should be done before the process begins and can reduce the damage that can result from the process.

You can use it on medium/dark brown hair, natural/black hair or light blonde hair. Even when used on sensitive scalps, it should work fine with no burns or damage. Therefore, if you have sensitive skin, you can still try the product.


Wella Powder Lightener vs. Quick Blue: which is better for discoloration? (5)

Wella Powder Lightener vs. Quick Blue: which is better for discoloration? (6)The liquid comes in a large container with lots of information to help you get the best results. In addition to the label, you will also receive application instructions, a safety instruction and the optimal application.

Note: This product is made in the USA and is intended for professional use only. Therefore, this may be better suited for salon use unless you have previous experience using similar products.

Is it cruelty free?

This product is not cruelty-free because the manufacturer L'Oreal tests on animals. If you are looking for cruelty-free formulas, there are many others on the market that might suit your needs. You can check the alternatives here.

What's the price?

The price of this product depends on where you want to buy it. However, if you are on a twenty dollar budget, you can get it at any of the major online retail sites.

You can also visit the L'Oreal official website for a better price comparison.

What do I need?

Wella Powder Lightener vs. Quick Blue: which is better for discoloration? (7)

Wella Powder Lightener vs. Quick Blue: which is better for discoloration? (8)If you want to color your hair, you'll need this developer, a toner, and the color you want to apply.

You can also add a few other things like coconut oil (I explain why you should use it above), protein filler, hair dye brush, bowl, deep conditioner, bottle applicator, and aluminum foil.

You need some (or all) of these if you have virgin hair and have never colored your hair before. However, if this is not the case, you may not need any of these.

Where can I order it?

There are many places where you can order this product as mentioned above.

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These include the official L'Oreal website, Amazon, Sallybeauty, Walmart and your local beauty salon or pharmacy. This manufactured product should be available offline because it is online.

File: Schwarzkopf vs. L'Oreal: Which is Better?

Wella Bleach Powder

Wella Powder Lightener vs. Quick Blue: which is better for discoloration? (9)

Wella Powder Lightener vs. Quick Blue: which is better for discoloration? (10)According to the manufacturer, Wella Blondor is a bleaching powder similar to Schwarzkopf Blond Me, which uses very high-quality ingredients to ensure intensive and vibrant color results.

One of the great things about this product is that you can use any other developer with it. You don't have to stick with the same Wella product, even if it's better.


Some people think this is a developer and they may not need another. However, that is not true. This is just a bleach so you need to use a developer with it.

Wella Powder Lightener vs. Quick Blue: which is better for discoloration? (11)

Wella Powder Lightener vs. Quick Blue: which is better for discoloration? (12)The product is securely sealed, can be used for balayage, and blends with most colors.

One of the best things about the product is that it can be used to lighten hair on most levels. In addition, it can be used for all hair color lightening techniques.


Aside from being expensive, many people use it to successfully bleach their hair. Some with complaints and many with no complaints, showing the product is working.

Is it cruelty free?

no Wella (which makes this bleaching powder) falls into the category of brands that test or sponsor animal testing. As such, their products are not vegan or cruelty-free.


What's the price?

Wella Powder Lightener vs. Quick Blue: which is better for discoloration? (13)

Wella Powder Lightener vs. Quick Blue: which is better for discoloration? (14)While Blondor is one of the best bleaching powders on the market, it's also one of the most expensive.

It has no particular advantages over some of the other options available. However, many people love it and describe it as very effective.

Who can use this bleach?

If you have naturally dark brown or dark brown hair, you can use this. You can also go platinum blonde without harm.

frequently asked questions

Can I bleach my hair at home?

You can do it yourself, especially if you have done it in the past. If it's your first time, you can also bleach your hair yourself. Only the probability of damaging the hair is higher.

You can hardly go wrong with a hairdresser because it is his job. However, no one can be safe from mistakes.

If you do it yourself, make sure you are well informed, prepared and have reasonable expectations.

Can I be blonde with dark hair?

You can go blonde with dark hair, but it will take longer as it may take a while to reach the level you want. Also, you shouldn't go for a 40-volume developer because it's too powerful and can cause damage.

Instead, try using a lower volume of developer several times until you get the results you want.

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We earn commissions when you buy through our link. Most products are not tested by the website owner (except for a few). The content comes from research and user feedback.


What does Blue powder Lightener do? ›

Loreal Quick Blue Powder Bleach Extra Strength, Lifts Up to Seven Levels and will achieve various effects, from the very subtle highlights all the way to global sheerest platinum, in one simple application. Quick, controlled Lightening action in a dust-free, concentrated formula.

Which Wella lightener is best? ›

Wella Professional Blondor Lightening Powder is our best overall pick.

Which lightening powder is best? ›

Our top 5 picks are:
  • Wella Color Charm Powder Lightener.
  • Schwarzkopf BlondMe Bond Enforcing Premium Lightener 9+
  • Wella Blondor Multi-Blonde Hair Lightening Powder.
  • L'Oreal Paris Quick Blue High Performance Powder Lightener.
  • Clairol Professional BW2 Powder Lightener.
Aug 11, 2022

What developer should you use with Quick blue? ›

L'Oreal Technique Quick Blue Powder Bleach Extra Strength 1lb w/30 Volume Oreor Developer 16oz Bundle.

How long should I leave quick blue in my hair? ›

oz. - 2 fl. oz. of 20, 30, or 40 Volume Developer, process up to 50 minutes, checking development at regular intervals until desired degree of lightness is achieved.

How long does quick blue bleach take to work? ›

Read instructions carefully before using L'Oreal Quick Blue High Performance Powder Lightener. For professional use. Timing: Check development st regular intervals until you achieve the desired degree of lightness, up to 50 minutes for retouch and 40 minutes for virgin applications. DO NOT USE HEAT.

Which Wella toner is best for orange brassy hair? ›

The most powerful toner against orange tones is the Wella Colour Charm Toner in 050 Cooling Violet. Used alone on blonde hair this gives a steel grey result. Used alone on orange hair this will really reduce the orange tones and leave you with an ashy dark blonde/light brown result.

What is the best product to lighten dark hair? ›

17 Best Hair Lightening Products
  1. Camomila Intea Natural Blond Hair Solution. ...
  2. Schwarzkopf BlondMe Bond Enforcing Premium Lightener 9+ Dust Free Powder. ...
  3. Sun Bum Blonde Hair Lightener. ...
  4. Wella Blondor Multi Blonde Dust-free Powder Lightener. ...
  5. John Frieda Sheer Blonde Go Blonder Lightening Spray. ...
  6. Wella Color Charm Powder Lightener.
Nov 29, 2022

What is the difference between powder lightener and bleach? ›

Pay attention to the main differences between colouring, lightening and bleaching: Lightening - used to lighten natural hair. Lightening can be defined as a process of artificial reduction and dissolution of pigment in hair. Bleaching - allows lightening already coloured hair.

Is lightening better than bleach? ›

Lightening hair color is a gentle option for natural blondes

When the desired result is “only” blonde, possibly natural and light in tone, bleaches offer an easy and delicate way of reaching the result.

Which powder is best for brown skin? ›

13 Best Setting Powders For Dark Skin
  1. Best Non-Comedogenic: Sacha Buttercup Setting Powder. ...
  2. Best Lightweight: Aesthetica Translucent Setting Powder. ...
  3. Best Dermatologically Tested: Maybelline New York Fit Me Set + Smooth Powder Makeup. ...
  4. Best Crease-Free: Black Radiance True Complexion Loose Setting Powder.

What developer is best for color? ›

20 volume is likely the most used developer in the salon. 20volume will give 1-2 levels of lift when used with permanent hair color. It is the standard developer for grey coverage, however, a stronger developer may be needed for more resistant hair types.

Does it matter if I use 10 or 20 developer? ›

10 Volume is only used to open the cuticle layer so the color molecules deposit in the cortex for long-term results. Use 20 Volume when lifting hair color one or two levels (levels refer to the oxidizing potential).

What developer should I use to go dark? ›

You should use a 10 or 20-volume developer to darken hair depending on the current color of your natural hair. If your hair is already dark, you can get away with using a 10-volume developer. But if your hair is light, you'll need to use a 20-volume developer to get to those deep, dark shades.

What color cancels out brassy orange hair? ›

What color cancels out brassy orange hair? To cancel out unwanted brassy orange hair after bleaching, you would use blue color. Blue and orange are across from one another on the color wheel, meaning they cancel each other out.

Do you need developer for quick blue? ›

Yes. You have to mix it with a developer. I had dyed my hair platinum blonde so I mixed it… Yes.

How long does quick blue bleach last? ›

In fact, from the time that you open the bottle, it can expire in as soon as six months, which is faster than many bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and hair dye. While it may expire a lot faster than you might think, you don't even have to wait for hair bleach to expire to suffer negative effects.

What color does blue bleach cancel out? ›

The color wheel shows which colors cancel out which. Green and green-based ash cancel out red, magenta and orange. Blue and blue based colors and toners cancel out orange and yellow orange. Violet, purple and purple based toners cancel out yellow and pale yellow.

What color will blue turn if you bleach it? ›

Depending on the exact shade, it can turn into a variety of different colors. Dark blue most often turns to light blue or pink when bleached. Royal blue, for example, turns turquoise when bleached.

How do you bleach dark hair without it turning orange? ›

A blue shampoo will neutralize orange tones. For hair that has been bleached blonde, use a specifically purple shampoo, and for hair that has been bleached to a lighter brown, use a blue-tinted purple shampoo. Purple shampoos work by balancing out yellow tones, since purple and yellow are opposite on the color wheel.

What is the healthiest way to lighten dark hair? ›

Natural bleaching agents like apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, chamomile tea, or cinnamon and honey can lighten hair gently and naturally with minimal damage. Rinse your hair in a solution of warm water and one or more of these lightening agents, then sit in the sun to dry.

How do hairdressers lighten dark hair without bleach? ›

A super-lightening color dye is a treatment that will get you close to bleach-like effects without any actual bleach. If you're trying to achieve a near-blonde color or as light as possible, super-lightening may be for you. Super-lightening treatments highlight your hair and can bump it up to 3-5 lighter tones.

How do hairdressers lighten dark hair? ›

Hydrogen peroxide and ammonia are the most commonly used bleaching agents. They are often mixed together, because when used separately, they are unstable and very slow in lightening the hair.

What Wella color cancels out orange? ›

Purple cancels out yellow and blue cancels out orange, for example, so if you have orange in your hair, you will want a Wella toner with blue tones.

What Wella toner cancels out orange and yellow? ›

Wella T14 (Pale Ash Blonde) is a permanent liquid toner that counteracts orange/gold tones and leaves you with a silvery ashy blonde color.

What toner cancels out orange and yellow? ›

If your bad bleach job has come out more yellow, you'll need a purple toner. Purple shampoo can help neutralize the yellow. If your hair is orange, you'll need a blue toner.

What do hairdressers use to lighten hair? ›

At a salon

A trained hairstylist and colorist can use hydrogen peroxide in a salon to lighten your hair. They'll make sure to match the final color to your skin tone and can add highlights if necessary.

How can I lighten my hair without bleaching it again? ›

Apple cider vinegar or distilled white vinegar are easy and cheap options for lightening your hair. Rinse your hair in vinegar and then rinse it again in cold water to lift color and revitalize dull strands. Top with a gloss or conditioner to seal in moisture—this is crucial if you've had a bleach mishap before.

How can I lighten my hair from black to brown without bleach? ›

If you have dark hair but want to avoid using bleach, you can use a hair dye that is specifically designed to lighten hair. If you're going for a particular look or you want to include multiple colors, your best bet might be to visit a hair salon.

Does powder lightener damage hair? ›

You have probably heard that bleaching and highlighting your hair can damage it. This is true, bleaching agents are hard on your strands. They can make your hair dry, brittle, frizzy-looking and prone to breakage.

Is bleaching the same as lightening? ›

Skin lightening is also known as skin bleaching

- Most of these products contain a chemical that inhibit tyrosinase. The active ingredient stops an enzyme (tyrosinase) in the skin from producing melanin.

What developer should I use with powder lightener? ›

40 volume developer (12% peroxide)

Serves only for lightening. Up to 8 levels of lift. Ideal for a super platinum blonde result. It is used together with a lightening cream or powder.

Is lightening your hair worse than darkening it? ›

“Everyone is different and everyone's hair reacts differently, but going darker is far less damaging than lightening it,” she said. At the same time, remember that your hair might feel dryer at first, since either way, you're chemically altering it.

What does powder lightener do? ›

Formulated with powerful amino acids, SPARKS Powder Lightener protects delicate strands during the lightening process by gently lifting up to eight levels while delivering soft, healthy, high-shine blonde results.

Should powder be lighter or darker than your skin? ›

What is essential, though, is to choose a powder that is the same color as your foundation. If your powder is lighter than your foundation, you can end up looking pasty and pale; if your powder is darker, you will look like you're wearing a mask.

How can I make my brown skin whiter? ›

How to Make Your Skin Lighter
  1. Use Preventative Sun Care. ...
  2. Exfoliate Your Skin Regularly. ...
  3. Protect Your Skin Barrier From Environmental Pollutants. ...
  4. Use Skin-Lightening Products in Your Skincare Routine. ...
  5. Eat Antioxidant-Rich Foods. ...
  6. Give Microdermabrasion a Try. ...
  7. Consider Laser Therapy.
Nov 18, 2019

What developer to use with bleach for dark hair? ›

Developer: The liquid that you mix with bleach powder before you apply it to your hair. For people with dark hair color, a 30 volume developer is recommended, whereas, for people with lighter hair, 20 volume is ideal.

Will 30 volume developer lighten hair without bleach? ›

Will a 30 Vol Developer Used by Itself Lighten My Hair? The release of oxygen will indeed allow the hair to lighten. And 30 Vol will definitely do this to a greater extent than 20 Vol. But we don't recommend that you apply just developer to the hair.

Is 40 or 20 Developer better? ›

Here are the rules for developer choice when going lighter using regular professional color: Use 20 Vol if you are aiming for a 1-2 level lift. Use 30 Vol is you are aiming for a 2-3 level lift. Use 40 Vol if you are aiming for a 3 level lift and if the hair is particularly difficult to color.

What is the difference in 20 30 and 40 developer? ›

40% developer is a very strong lift or intensity for the color , 30% developer is a medium lift for 5 shades and is strong , 20% developer is standard lift and what most people use to dye their hair . 10% developer is lowest strength developer , you use that to tone or just add a slight color difference .

How do you tone down too dark hair color? ›

Bleed the color out

A regular or clarifying shampoo would be the best product in this situation, and ideally, you should keep washing it until enough dark dye has bled out of your hair that you're happy with the resulting hue.

What happens if you use 10 volume developer with toner? ›

10 volume will allow the toner to deposit more color, 20 volume will deposit less. Once you decide which toner shade and developer you will use, measure using a hair color measuring cup and mix 1 oz.

What volume developer should I use for dark brown? ›

If you're going darker, you should use 10 developer. 20 – 40 developer can be used to lift 1-4 levels. 20 developer is best for grey coverage.

What happens if you use 40 developer with color? ›

40 volume developer can be used with permanent hair color and high lift color to give 3-4 levels of lift depending on the power of the color and the texture of the hair. Open-air processing such as balayage is ideal for 40 volume developer as it allows for maximum lift but the control of less heat.

Can you lighten dark hair with just developer? ›

You can lighten hair with developer and no bleach as long as it's the right strength or volume. That's because developer contains hydrogen peroxide, and peroxide oxidizes the existing melanin pigments in the hair resulting in a lighter color.

What is the use of blue powder? ›

Blue Bleach powder

Ensures maximum hair protection until the last stage of lightening. Due to its blue tone pigmentation, it quickly and easily eliminates red and orange reflections to obtain incredible quality discolorations in much less time. Its compact formula increases the performance of the product.

How do you use blue flash powder lightener? ›

Depending on the desired degree of lightening and consistency, mix with Salon Care™ Developers 10 vol., 20 vol., 30 vol., or 40 vol; In a ratio of 1 scoop of powder to 2 scoops of developer in a non-metallic bowl. When applying directly to the scalp, do not exceed 20 vol. Developer. Apply to dry, unwashed hair.

What does powder lightener do to your hair? ›

If you have coloured your hair brown and now you want a lighter brown colour, your hairdresser will probably use a lightening powder, which breaks down the artificial pigments and then colours your hair light brown.

What does bleaching blue hair do? ›

Blue hair fades to unpleasant hues of green because of the yellow undertones of bleaching that react with blue and turn green. Chlorine and salt water can also add a greenish tint to your blue hair.

What color is close to powder blue? ›

Colors similar to powder blue

Light Blue (#ADD8E6) Serenity (#B3CEE5) Cornflower (#9ACEEB) Pastel Blue (#AEC6CF)

What shade is powder blue? ›

Powder blue is a very pale shade of blue with the hex code #B6D0E2, a much-lighter version of cobalt, from which it originates. The color name is taken from a type of powdered cobalt that was used to make dyes and launder fabric.

Is powder blue and baby blue the same? ›

Powder blue is similar to other low-saturated blue hues, like sky blue, baby blue, pale blue. All these tints often occur in nature (look at the sky, for example), and share the same symbolism.

How do you use Wella powder lightener? ›


For off-the-scalp application, mix 1 oz. of Color Charm Powder Lightener with 1.5 to 2oz of Wella Developer (20, 30 or 40 Vol) in a non-metallic bowl. For on-the-scalp application, use only 20 Vol Crème Developer by mixing 1oz. of Color Charm Powder Lightener with 2 oz.

How long do you keep powder lightener in your hair? ›

What happens if you leave bleach on your hair for too long? There's a misconception that bleach will work better the longer you leave it on. The maximum amount of time you should leave bleach on your hair is 30 minutes. Any longer than that and you run the risk of serious damage, including brittle strands.

What toner cancels out brassy orange hair? ›

If your hair is orange, you'll need a blue toner. Try a blue shampoo to tone the brassiness and get rid of the orange. This color toner is commonly needed for darker hair.

What color does blue turn if you bleach it? ›

Depending on the exact shade, it can turn into a variety of different colors. Dark blue most often turns to light blue or pink when bleached. Royal blue, for example, turns turquoise when bleached.

What's the difference between blue and purple bleach? ›

A: Blue helps to lift darker hair and gets rid of orange undertones, while purple lifts medium brown to blonde hair and gets rid of yellow brassy tones.

What happens if you use blue shampoo on bleached hair? ›

If you just bleached your hair and it ended up looking yellow or brassy, we're here to help. Thankfully, a bad dye job can be salvaged with the help of purple or blue shampoo. Contrary to how bright and bold the colors may look in the bottle, purple and blue shampoo don't actually dye your hair those colors.


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